Products & Services
Since its incorporation, African Laughter Ltd. has remained true to its vision by focusing on its three main areas of specialization:

a) Editorial Content
As the publisher of four rich-content websites, African Laughter reaches an average 800,000 people every month with well researched and informative articles on specialist subjects. Our talented pool of journalists produces more than 30,000 words a week of quality and original content that has gained a loyal following of readers interested in different areas of information.

A farmer's news service covering breakthroughs in seeds, pest control and farming methods, new markets, and high-return business formulas: now with more than a quarter of a million views a month.
The site is the biggest source of agricultural news for Kenyan farmers and has moved to the forefront of agricultural entrepreneurship in the country since its launch in April 2010.

The region's leading family news service, covering health, development, entertainment and leisure for Kenyan families: currently with more than three quarters of a million views a month.
Set up in 2007, the site has the largest family audience in Kenya, spanning parents, teachers and kids, seeking health, entertainment and educational information. It publishes a weekly newsletter, and runs an e-school.